Six Word Stories

In the vein of Ernest Hemingway where less is more, we are exploring six word stories. It’s a fun exercise that helps one ferret out the essence of the story’s intention.

Here’s Janie’s progression from 9 to 8 and to 6 words

  • There was no escaping this choice she had made.
  • She settled into the choice she had made
  • No escape for her choice now. 


Here’s two by Glenda:

  • Eyes on cell phone, missed her glance.
  • Birthed children she couldn’t bare.


Rainy Day at the VMFA

rain-1874083_1920Umbrellas everywhere, black, black and white striped, yellow, red–moving down the passage ways, walkways, arms holding them high in the air. The ground is saturated, the smell of wet grass heavy in the air. From the VMFA cafe, we see all this as we meet to write about white foxes and camouflage.

Take a peak at today’s stories.

The Advantages of Camouflage by Janie Wilson

The Old Fox by Glenda Kotchish


A Meeting Place


Janie and I are back at the VMFA for our weekly meetings, to write. Last year we switched to a fun cafe/grocery store in Carytown just to mix it up. There was a lot of energy at our new location–Ellwood Thompson–to be precise. We ordered coffee or tea as the mood suited us and sometimes a snack–very organic, very healthy. The energy was good but distracting, so we’re back at the museum.

At the museum, there’s Cloe, the amazing sculpture that we never tire of looking at through the windows of  the Best Cafe. And if we fancy a glass of wine, well we can have one. (Not to be misleading, Ellwood Thompson has a wine bar, too).

We’ve talking about putting some of the starts of the stories that we write on this blog and ask you to finish them. Often what we write is just a beginning of something.

This past Wednesday was Independence Day, so we didn’t meet. And I was too busy cooking on the grill and watching fireworks to jot a single sentence.

Happy summer!


P.S. We have a new dragon story…a sneaky dragon, no less.


Publishing “About those Dragons…”

We did it! The dragons, an all-girl cast, are in production–prancing around, making trouble and handing out lessons.

It took Janie and me over two years (well not 24/7, two years) but still it was a long time coming from an idea to this book we love.

You can get it on (hard copy or digital) form. Be the first to order.

Click here to orderFrame 2 Cover Page Inside 7x7 v2


Press Enter!

What a journey! We’ve edited, looked for frames for borders to images, reviewed, edited again, looked for different frames, created the cover, front and back and finally (holding our breath) pressed <ENTER>.

About Those Dragons…is in review at the printers.  In 24 hours we hope to move on to distributing the dragons!


Frame 2 Cover Page Inside 7x7 v2